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About this store:

Ways of The Wise is a *very* small online store run by ONE person, myself, Ryea Wyndhorse. This store only exists to serve the practical spiritual needs of the Filipino Pagan/Wiccan community by way of providing books, herbs, essential oils, and whatever ritual novelty item or supply I can source. It has been my personal experience in this spiritual path that most of these materials, although easily available in other countries, are not always easy to find in ours. The few visible stores that can offer some of these spiritual items usually cost a lot. Aside from the imported nature of these items, a physical store naturally incurs more overhead costs in a mall-type or storefront situation. Ways of The Wise, by practical reasons, shall be an online store because this would offer the best cost efficiency for me and the best price for you. This is because I can operate at lower overhead costs. However, being of limited financial capacity, I can only offer a very small range of items at this time. As the store earns, I hope to offer you a more varied range of items.

So please support Ways of The Wise by spreading the word around to those you know especially to the non-members of the online community. Needless to say, your patronage is also a vital aide to helping the store offer a better product range in the future.


About the store's proprietor:

Ryea Wyndhorse, (me :-)) is a graphic designer by profession. This store in not my main source of income. I do it to share practical spiritual items that are accessible to me and which I believe other pagans might benefit from. Besides, its fun for me also to be able to practice some web building techniques that can help me in my real-life work.

Right now, I am studying informally about herbalism and aromatherapy. I plan to be able to study formally on this in the future when time and finances permit me. Perhaps I shall get back to my old "career-should-have-been" sometime in the future. I graduated with a degree in BS-Biology 1986 and never practiced it. Now looking back, maybe I was meant to after all. Botany was one of my favorite subjects then. Even now, I consider myself to be a "green witch" and use natural and folk medications on myself and my family whenever possible. I look forward to being able to offer online, not only a pagan novelty store but an apothecary as well.