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Pure Essential Oils

Pure Essential Oils (PEO) are different from Fragrance Oils. PEOs are those extracted from plant material and would therefore contain the plant's natural essense. These essenses have reputed therapeutic values and they also retain a plant's magickal properties. Often, they are overpoweringly fragrant or spicy which is a good thing because you would need only a few drops in a carrier oil or base to enjoy its fragrance.

Fragrance oils, on the other hand, in a concentrated form would be just as strong in scent, but they are synthetically prepared. Although sometimes it would be blended with some of the plant essential oils, it is not prepared purely from plant essenses and would therefore not have the same properties as PEOs in a therapeutic and magical sense. However, these oils are useful as additives to make pure essential blends smell better or simply as ambient scents.

Both PEOs and fragrance oil concentrates should not be used directly on the skin. For massage or perfume purposes, they should be first added to a carrier base oil or alcohol. A few drops in an aromatherapy jar also goes a long way as room scent for setting the mood for meditation, healing, ritual, romance or for your simple pleasure.

The oils listed below are AUROSHIKHA brand oils imported from India.






10 ml
Uplifting; helps in depression, anxiety


PHP 185.00
10 ml
Antiseptic; cooling; aids in colds


10 ml
Calming and centering; uplifts the spirit


10 ml
Aids concentration; refreshing; stimulant


10 ml
Soothing and relaxing; balancing


10 ml
Antidepressant; tones nervous system; soothing for muscular aches and pains


10 ml
Opens the heart, can either be relaxing or energizing depending on the person


10 ml


10 ml
Popular oil; cooling, stimulating, revitalizing; aids concentration and memory


10 ml
A good study companion because it also aids memory and induces clarity of mind


10 ml
Deeply relaxing; Excellent aromatic bath


10 ml
Soothing and balancing; Reduces tension and depression; emotionally evocative


10 ml
Promotes confidence and well-being; excellent meditation aid; often used in treating stress-related problems

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