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STEP 1- Ordering

You may use ANY of the following methods:

1. Via Email at

You should recieve an automatic email notification within a few minutes after sending your email so you know that your order went through. Don't forget to leave your name and contact number and the time you can be contacted so I can call you to confirm your order. Please allow at least a day's allowance for me to return your call.

2. Via Cellphone

3. Via Landline


STEP 2 - Payment/Receiving merchandise

If you are in Metro Manila, you may pick it up from my location in Roxas District, Quezon City. Doorstep delivery may also be arranged for a minimal delivery fee.

Orders from outside of Metro Manila will have to be prepaid. Shipping costs are not yet included in the prices on the list. In our phone call or email, we can make arrangements for these.


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Excellent Decision!
Being a small store setup, ordering is straightforward and easy. Here are the few quick steps to purchasing the item of your desire: